Bad blogging, good running

I have been a BAAAAAD blogger. Or at least a very lazy one. Even though my running has been pretty good recently, I find myself avoiding sitting down and talking about it. Not sure why but I suspect part of me is afraid of jinxing things. That maybe, as soon as I say I am enjoying running again and going from strength to strength, it will all go to sh1t. The same way I cross my fingers when I run under traffic signs that hang over the pavement – don’t ask me what good that’s supposed to do.

Maybe I should type this one-handed and keep the fingers of the other hand crossed? 🙂 Nah, too slow. Here goes…

Running has been pretty good. I am doing hills and finding that I can actually keep up a pretty good pace even on a killer one. And then on Saturday, my 21km run turned into a 30km run. Just “because”. I felt good and strong (well, until the 25km mark when it got noticeably harder and the last 2km were brutal) so I thought why the heck not. Also, I wanted to see my husband’s face when I told him (worth the effort). Right after the run I felt emotionally ecstatic but physically broken – my calves were in agony. A hot shower later and I was great. In fact, I did 1,5h of legwork at the gym the day after.

It is hard to make up long distance runs so you end up going back and forth...
It is hard to make up long distance runs so you end up going back and forth…

But recovery seems to be something that I really need to put more effort into; eat the right things after a run, use the s&m roller etc. I did a 11km hill run yesterday and man – my legs were made of led!! It was so effing hard. They were heavy and tired and even my lungs felt like they’d had enough. Pretty disheartening after a good weekend of smashing goals. It didn’t help that after some phone trouble I had to have to replaced and most of the apps were basically reset. I hadn’t realised that the running app had any issues until at 1km mark when instead of announcing the distance, the phone went “please install a voice”. So throughout the run, at every kilometer and every 10 minutes I got the same message. Call me crazy but if you can managed to say that then why can’t the bloody thing that default to using the same voice for the actual announcements… (And stopping to install the voice was out of the question – once a run has been started it has been started and there is no stopping – them are the rules).

Thursday will be gym again so maybe I will feel better by then – hope so anyway or I will fall off the summit trainer! I can just about imagine myself just toppling over like a turtle; stiff legs up in the air…

Hope your running is going well!



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