Two halves don’t a full (marathon) make

I wish I could have a soundtrack playing in the background of this blog. My 5 year old has been obsessed with Europe’s The Final Countdown for the past few weeks. He has been playing it non-stop.. It’s only fair that if it’s playing in my head, it should play in yours too. It’s not a bad tune, actually.

Right, shall we talk about running? A quick update from me – it’s going pretty well. The weather in London the past weekend was AMAZING. I did a 21km run on Saturday. It was my first run of the year it shorts. Not too many pervy comments either. A shame really as I had this dialogue planned:

Perv: Yo bitch, hide away that cellulite

Me: Oh, I am sooo sorry. My gosh, I hope my dimpled skin hasn’t scarred you for life and you will be able to eat again without gagging. I understand it must be pretty upsetting seeing people with flaws since you are so beautiful and perfect yourself. Like – are you a Roman god? Anyway, I can’t stay and chat as I am kind of busy running for a couple of hours so I think you should just light another cigarette and get comfy in that pervmobile of yours – those legs need a rest from supporting that beer gut. Have a good day now!

What can I say, I always find something to entertain myself during a long run..

photo (3)

When Sunday rolled in and the weather was EVEN better than it was on Saturday, there was no way I was going to go to the gym. I think it is due to my Finnish genes that make me want to make the most of the (rare) sun. I just need to be outside on a nice day and get very antsy if I can’t. So it was going to be another run. My husband joined me and I decided to take it easy on him and rather than do a hill run, we’d do a nice flat run (with a few hills…). I didn’t bring water as I thought I would only do 10km or so (though I was half thinking it might end up being 15km in order to make up for not going to the gym where I would have been working out for at least 1,5h). So we started running and it was blazing hot even though it was only 0930am. I had my shorts on and a very thin tanktop. At the risk of comments and gawking from passersby (why do I even have to think about this??) I ended up tying my top up to my running bra to cool down as much as possible (and maybe getting some colour on my white stomach…). I got some stares but not a f*** was given by me.

So we ran on and husband was beginning to look pretty peaky at around 6km mark. At 8km he decided to head home (2km to get there so he did a 10km run) and I went on. I think I had already then decided that I would be doing another 21km run. My legs were fine, my lungs were fine, it was hot but I was ok. But I didn’t have any water with me. And I was sweating like a pig. Every kilometre made me more and more dehydrated. I did do a 21km run and it was a pretty good time as well. However, by the time I got home I could barely string together a sentence. My mouth was dry and horrible. I felt like an idiot. I should say that I always run first thing so I hadn’t even had anything to drink or eat in the morning before the run… Must not have been that bad though as I did recover after drinking LOTS of water (no, I didn’t even have an electrolyte tablet as I couldn’t bare the thought of the taste).

So the lesson I have learnt – if it is sunny and warm – always bring water with you. But hey – I ran two half marathons this weekend!! For fun! (And here come the men in white coats…) One day.. One (not a very hot) day I will run 42km. But I am a loooong way off. For now I will just celebrate the small victories.

One thought on “Two halves don’t a full (marathon) make

  1. two half marathons in two days? You don’t need men in white coats you need some medals! very impressed. (giggled at your comment to the perve – I hope don’t get to use it, but if someone does say something at least you are prepared).


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