Run to live? Jog to eat cake? – A mad rant

There are a few things that make me rage inside (ok, and outside) like the whole debate around: “Are you a runner or are you a jogger?”

Does just reading that “runner or a jogger” make you want to punch the screen? No? Just me then…  I hate labels anyway and I think this is just the most inane distinction.

I saw the headline to this Guardian article and I had trouble reading through it as I made me so irrationally angry. According to the person who wrote the article “Runners need to run. They’ll die of they don’t. Runners run because they love running” and then “Joggers jog because they love cake and, to a lesser extent, fitting into their trousers“. For the love of..!!!! Argh! So if your motivation for going for a run is not what this guy deems legitimate then it doesn’t matter what distance you run or how fast you go – you are still a jogger. Yeah, ok, I may be oversimplifying his point but I can’t believe any space was wasted on this gibberish.

Others think the distinction between a runner and a jogger is made by whether they race. Personally I have never, and will never race. To me running is a personal quest and I am happy just racing myself. Does that mean that I have just “jogged” almost 60km last week?

Ultimately I don’t think it matters whether you “run” or “jog”. But at the same time I would be lying if I said I didn’t prefer to be called a runner. I think anyone who laces up and gets out the door with the plan of going faster than a walking pace is a runner. Jogger seems to have become a term that some runners use to distinguish themselves from the slower or less able runners.

There is always someone ready to disqualify your efforts based on the tiniest things. I recently read a blog that said that no “real runner” would ever wear Nike’s. Oh well – here we are again – I am disqualified from the elite pack of runners.

Here are a few other examples Google spat out for me that make my blood boil:

Oh really? Well I suppose I am a jogger then as I bounce up and down at stoplights. I don’t want to stop moving or I feel my 21km (of jogging) will be null and void otherwise.


I can’t even… This is frustrating that it makes me want to cry! What a bunch of elitist, snob marketers. Safe to say here is a brand of runners I will never buy
If that didn’t piss you off enough, maybe this will


Right, ok… So just because I don’t race, I will forever be a jogger?
AAARRRGGGHHH!! *tears her hair out*

To calm down, I need to end on a sane note:






2 thoughts on “Run to live? Jog to eat cake? – A mad rant

  1. Don’t worry about it. If you call yourself a runner you are a runner. In the famous words of Madeline ‘poo poo’ to anyone who calls me a jogger. I’m a runner! (But yes well one has also got a ‘little’ mad at being called a – wince – jogger). And as for races and events to run without this incentive is running in its purest form. You run for the personal thrill and love of it. Go you xxx


    1. Isn’t it infuriating though, this need of some to create different classes of runners with seemingly these undefinable joggers being at the bottom of the pecking order. You are right though – ‘poo poo’ to them! 🙂


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