Running in rags

Running is a fairly low cost sport, they say. In order to run you don’t need to pay monthly fees or tie yourself into infernal gym contracts that you can never get out of. (That’s assuming you don’t run on the treadmill of course…) All you really need is a pair of runners, socks, tights, a decent running bra (unless you’re male)  and a top. Sure you can then invest into a Garmin or a heart rate monitor or whatever gadgetry. My current (I have done this kind of post before) running essentials are these:

Shoes and socks

Nike Structure 17 at the moment. I just stick to the “Structures” and each time Nike “upgrades” them I can only hope they haven’t messed them up. Seems to be the only shoe for me. As for socks, I have tried many different kinds but always come back to the same pair of Nike socks. I am not even sure what they are called but I suspect they might be the Nike Elite Running Cushion Quarter socks.


In the winter I wear warm fleece running tights though I do also have a thinner full length pair when it isn’t cold enough for fleece but too cold for capris. In the summer, when it’s hot, I wear the ugliest shorts to keep a bit cooler. My most used pair, however, are my beloved capris.


I have a Nike Pro running bra. My running top is usually one of three: in the summer I have a Nike tank top which is made of this super light, almost see-through fabric. It’s lovely when it’s hot. When it gets a bit cooler I usually run in my neon t-shirt which I also usually try to wear for the very early runs when I need to be visible to cars in the poor pre-dawn light. In the winter I have a few long sleeved options but nothing too hot (I sweat like a wildebeest).

My favourite Nike running capris and high vis top
My favourite Nike running capris and high vis top
Hot weather running gear - not pretty but keeps me cool(ish)
Hot weather running gear – not pretty but keeps me cool(ish)











I also have a Belkin armband for my iPhone. I tend to just throw this in the washing machine when I wash my kit. My headphones are Yurbuds and my tracker is RunMeter.

And that’s pretty much it. Of course I also always need a black hairband to tie my braided hair and vaseline in strategic places to avoid chafing burns. Oh, and a sheet of Plenty kitchen towel to blow my nose and another to wrap around my keys to keep them from jingling in my pocket. And if it is really hot I will bring my “O” running bottle with a Nuun tablet dissolved into the water. Though lately I have been running without water, even the longer distances.

I am pretty superstitious about my kit and as a result I always wear the same thing. I bang it in the machine when I get home (with Halo detergent!) and it’s good to go by the time my next run is due. The kit has been used very hard and very often and it’s beginning to show…

I have had to order yet another pair of runners. I can kind of feel they are starting to go but the fact that I have again managed to punch a hole into them with my big toes kind of made this unavoidable.

Another pair of runners bites the dust
Another pair of runners bites the dust

Oh well, according to my tracking they lasted me for almost 980km so fair enough.

It's time for new shoes! Love this tracking on RunMeter!
It’s time for new shoes! Love this tracking on RunMeter!

The weird thing is though, that the right shoe has the biggest hole – my running sock on that side (always the same socks) looks intact. However, my LEFT running socks does have a hole in it!

So I managed to find the Nikes a bit cheaper on Wiggle. The colour was a bit…bright but I will only have them for a few months anyway before I will need a new pair so I am sure I can live with it.. I have to say though, when I opened the box I nearly gasped (“oh my eyes!”)…

At least people should see me coming..
At least people should see me coming..

photo 2








So yes, running is cheap but when you wear your kit as often as most runners do, and you wash it that regularly, even the highest quality stuff begins to meet it’s limitations. So you’ll regularly need new shoes and I suppose I am at a point where I just need to get myself a new pair of socks. And maybe some tights… And a top.. And definitely – a new armband.

My Belkin armband is taking it's drying breaths
My Belkin armband is taking it’s drying breaths

4 thoughts on “Running in rags

  1. Loved your post. You would have to be the purest nofrills runner around. ❤ I get caught up in the running fashion and entering events, then I see your posts and am reminded that running is just so basic and we do it for the love of it. (can't help it though, I'm a running-shopper-holic!) 🙂


    1. I think I am just lazy. And possibly cheap. 🙂 The new pair of runners was the first one I dared to order online without trying them on so who knows, it could be the beginning of something..expensive! 🙂


  2. Hi hystericalrunner

    I’m utterly inspired by your blogs… I’m recovering from a total hyster last Friday 26 Sept 2014. Although it’s 15:27 I haven’t yet managed to run(well crawl lately) upstairs, shower and get outta my pjs partially due to the fact that I’m sore (from laughing along as I read your blogs) in addition to becoming rapidly addicted to your rants-I feel so compelled to keep reading, I’m barely removing the ipad except for necessity. I feel I know you chick – I’m a 42 year old who is always busy, despite having health issues I am one of these people like yourself who seems to be even busier the days I’m not working! I have always been a keen runner – nothing like when you get in the zone, you describe it perfectly “growing wings….” you just feel the power within. I’m looking forward to making it one of my goals for the new ME to run, jump and dance much much more.
    Keep up the tremendous journaling- you have me captivated and inspired.

    Fun runner xoxox


    1. Hi Joan!

      (writing this on my phone and it took about 3 goes to convince the spellchecker I wasn’t, in fact, addressing a “John”)
      First of all – welcome to the amazing world of no periods and no pain! I was just talking to a mother at the school gate today and was gushing about how much easier life is now. I don’t think she quite got it when I said “every woman should have one!” 🙂 Glad to hear also that you are taking it easy – you are allowed. In fact – you have to. Enjoy those forced-upon lazy days.
      On a more serious note – your comment has completely overwhelmed me. I never really expect anyone to read my posts, and definitely not all of them. And to hear that you have enjoyed them and that I have made you laugh.. Amazing. Really amazing. I bet you have a very similar sense of humour… 🙂 You have really motivated me and I really need to find the time to get back to writing more.

      Hope you are still in your PJs – frankly there comes a point where there is very little point in getting dressed – and not in too much discomfort.
      Soon you’ll be back running so rest those wings, girl, they’ll be back out soon!


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