The day I nearly lost my run against the gingerbread man

If you cast your mind back to my previous post (yes, it has been a while so if you need a refresher, you can find it here) I was struggling with feeling very run down and tired after donating blood. I had a long run in the books and even though I was dreading it, I was pretty confident I could finish it – that’s what I do, right? Except I hadn’t prepared for the worst case of the gingerbread man EVER! I had a dodgy start to the morning but I felt that I was sufficiently, ehem, “empty” by the time I set off. And I was doing ok until the 5k mark when suddenly the worst cramps started. You know the kind of running where you run as fast as you can in between cramps to get closer to home and then have to slow aaaall the way down when being gripped by one in order not to lose control.. Clench, clench, clench was my mantra. I had to abandon the planned long run and just put all my willpower into making it home before it all ended up in tears (and a mess). I just about made it and the distance ended up being a pitiful 8.78km. It’s quite funny looking at the mapping of that run – you can tell where I just start making the shortest way possible home… I must have looked desperate as I was allowed to cross streets where normally I would have to wait forever. Thanks drivers for taking pity on me!


I have been having a bit of a horrible time with my stomach of late (the past 3-4 weeks or so) and after a few episodes of pain under my right ribs (at night) I half wonder if there isn’t some sort of gallbladder situation going on. I even saw a doctor and got a referral for an ultrasound but silly me – I asked for it to be for a private clinic as I have medical insurance. I hadn’t realised that as we have recently changed the insurance company they get you to have a doctor’s statement for everything for the first year, just to state that this isn’t a pre-existing condition. Now call me cheap but I am not paying £41 to my doctor (insurance provider would reimburse £15) for this on top of the actual medical insurance costs. It’s a matter of principle if nothing else. So I need to go back to the GP and get them to change the referral to NHS (apparently that can’t be done automatically…) and I am just too busy to find the time. First world problem, if ever there was one.

Anyway, back to running – I did make up for that run by doing 21km on the Thursday after (the disaster was on a Tuesday) and then again on Saturday. Sunday I did a 16km hill run.

In this last week I have joined the gym again. I have been doing so much distance that my legs are getting to the point where an injury is very much in the books so I have decided to resume my programme that I was doing before the summer. So 1.5-2h of mainly lower body focused cardio (summit trainer, recumbent bike, stepper) twice a week and two runs making it 4 workouts a week. I did the gym Tuesday and Thursday and then I did my runs on Saturday  (21km) and Sunday (21km hill run). I realise that me droning on about my running distances must sounds so incredibly boring but the fact of the matter is I NEED to talk about it with someone. My husband listens but is sick of all the running talk and I am trying not to bore anyone else with it. So I am afraid you end up with having to put up with it. And I appreciate that you do – thank you!

2 thoughts on “The day I nearly lost my run against the gingerbread man

  1. Oh dear! Not nice. I have IBS and a few autoimmune conditions. Since I’ve taken sugar out of my diet (not 100% but pretty much), I’ve noticed a huge difference in how things ‘work’. And I feel so much better. I hope you get to the bottom ( 🙂 ) of the issue! Sounds like a good idea to get back to the gym too and try and avoid those injuries.


    1. IBS is terrible. Mine isn’t diagnosed but I suspect I have that as well as my stomach, even when good, isn’t great. Lately it has just been much much worse. Or unpredictable is probably the word to use. 🙂 However, I just couldn’t cut sugar out of my diet – I love my treats. I really admire anyone who can! No wonder you look so amazing!!

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