Boo to poo

Continuing on the appetising theme of running with a temperamental stomach, I had another *shit* run on Tuesday. This time I made it to 10km before the cramps started so by utilising some very strong Jedi mind tricks, I was (just about) able to do the full 21km but man – it was hard! Though I kind of fell into this predictable pattern: a cramp of utter soul destroying pain and discomfort where you felt the worst just might happen, followed by an elated period of almost feeling ok (which I tried to put to good use by running as fast as I could in order to make some decent headway towards home before the next cramp). There really is nothing that beats that feeling when you finally turn your key in the door… to find that the cleaner (yes, once a week – my indulgence) was still there… I am weird in that I don’t like going to the toilet in strange places or when there are people around.. So I held on for the half and hour she was still there. I still have crescent marks on my palms where the nails dug in.

Needless to say, I am dreading tomorrow’s long run in the fear that I will have the same battle (well, sans the cleaner incident). I know a lot of runners have no problem interrupting their run with a toilet dash and some even use the bushes when “need be”. I can’t do either, never have, mainly for two reasons: a) for me stopping the run for anything makes it null and void, even if you carry on again b) see above my weirdness about toilets.

It is kind of amazing all the stuff  that actually comes out of the body when you think about it (I really hope you are not eating while you read this, by the way…). Seriously; sweat, tears, pee, poo, blood, puss, snot/phlegm/mucus, gas, earwax, vomit, bile, spit… Amazing and disgusting in equal measures, really. Shall we just file this under “the things I think about when I am running”…

How much do you sweat when you run? Again, this is a gift where my body just keeps on giving on the “yuck” scale. For kicks, I measured myself before my long run on Saturday and again after (both naked weight for the clothes not to skew the numbers, especially as afterwards they are soaked through and almost heavy) – and I had lost nearly a 1kg. Seems insane to think that I would really have sweated a whole litre! Though the fact that I don’t drink during the run means I am not replenishing any of the lost liquid… Now you know how to recognise me when I am out running. I will be the aggressive, super sweaty runner trying not to crap herself…


One thought on “Boo to poo

  1. One of the interesting thing I’ve discovered about us runners is that we will talk about bodily functions with other runners in ways we never would with another living soul! I do hope your issues get resolved. All this tummy trouble does take the joy of out running.


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