New kit!

Not so long ago I blogged about my running kit and how it hasn’t changed in a long time (why change something that works). However, lately I have found myself shopping for a few new things.

First of all, the ArmPocket Racer armband finally arrived today. I had to order it from US as I needed the size S for my spaghetti arms and only M was available on Amazon. I have not run with it yet but I am feeling very optimistic, almost giddy with excitement. My iPhone 6 fits into it perfectly, the touch screen works and it feels comfortable on. The added bonus (and the reason I bought it) is that it promises to be water resistant (sweat and weather) and machine washable. I am actually really looking forward to my run tomorrow! (Except for the fact that I have to get up at 0630 to do it – on a Saturday no less!)

ArmPocket Racer in S
ArmPocket Racer in S
That's a lot of promises...
That’s a lot of promises…

Another thing I have long wanted to get is an Irish Rugby jersey for running.

Hubba hubba - how to make this runner hysterical
Hubba hubba – how to make this runner hysterical

Unfortunately the jerseys are always made of thick cotton which is the last thing I would want to put on but I was desperate to “show my colours”, especially during the Autumn Internationals which are on now and then come 6 Nations early next year. And I realised that they actually have a training jersey which would be perfect! So I ordered it and have done a few runs with it and it’s great. I actually find it powers me on and of course it doesn’t hurt that it’s thick enough to keep me warm but cool enough to not get me overheated.

Nike armwarmers, Irish training T and I may have ended up buying a new pair of tights as well.....
Nike armwarmers, Irish training T and I may have ended up buying a new pair of tights as well…..

Since it is getting colder, there is no getting away from that unfortunately, I figured I will need something to protect my arms if I run in a t-shirt (well, when I run in the Irish top) so I got some arm warmers from Nike. These are a bitch to shop for as the sizes are all over the place; sometimes the S is smaller than the XS etc. And the customer services at Nike Town in London is appalling so they are not exactly falling over themselves to allow you to open the packets to find a pair that fits. Luckily I found a sympathetic girl to help me out and ended up with a pair that is perfect. They have been great; not falling down or bunching, not too tight and not too warm.

And I have clearly gone off the rails as I got something else as well. I was trying to find a very thing long sleeved top for under the Irish T for when it got way colder. And I ended up the Under Armour website, specifically looking at their Fly-By series. These are meant for hot weather which is perfect. Somehow I ended up getting the Mesh Tank, the Long Sleeved top and the Short Sleeve top. I did get the wrong size in all of these though (MD), I would have been better off with the SM size but I kept them all anyway, I quite like loose kit.

Clearly my shopping is out of control.. Though – I am still running and going to the gym in the same pair of socks that I have used for about 1.5-2 years now!

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