ArmPocket Racer for iPhone 6 – review

I have complained before of my (what seemed to be) an impossible quest to find a sweat and weatherproof armband for my iPhone 6. I scoured the internet and despaired.

Having previously run with a Belkin armband for my iPhone 5 (which was brilliant and weatherproof – there had been many an insane rain storm that had tested that claim), I waited for the Belkin to come out for the iPhone 6 and was sooo disappointed with it. It was very comfortable and otherwise brilliant but after my first run I had to conclude it wasn’t even sweatproof. And then I realised it didn’t even claim to be weatherproof.. Clearly meant for treadmill running, non-sweating “athletes”…

So back to the drawing board it was. I am not sure why I hadn’t come across the ArmPocket before in all my googling but there it was (with a choir singing “hallelujah” in the background. Ok, well that bit might have all been in my head) in all it’s water resistant glory.

The ArmPocket I went for is the “Racer”, which is the slimmest of the models. It still easily fits a credit card or a key in the case with the phone (I just wrap my keys in kitchen paper and stuff them into the pocket in my tights). Here are the specs as provided by ArmPocket:


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  • Audio access: Strategically placed audio access ports
  • Compatibility: Fits phones up to 5.5 inches (13.9 cm) including iPhone 6 and 4/4s/5/5S/5C
  • Comfort: Memory foam padding, for guaranteed comfort
  • Design: Ultra-thin design, single interior compartment
  • Durability: Will outlast the life of most phones and devices
  • Protection: Slip proof design that is sweat & water resistant
  • Safety: High visibility reflective piping
  • Dimensions (HxWxD): 5″ x 3.25″ x Flat (13.9 cm x 8 cm x 0 cm)
  • Arm Strap: S (7″ – 11″ (18cm – 28 cm), M (10″ – 15″ (25 cm – 38 cm)

Compatible with the following phones:

iPhone 6, iPhone 5/5s/5c, iPod Touch (All Gen)

Z10, Q10, P’9982, Bold

Ascend G6, G6 (4G), P6

Lucid, Volt, Realm

Moto X, Moto G, G 4G with LTE

Lumia 1020, Lumia 925

Galaxy Avant, Galaxy SIII

Xperia ZL, Xperia ZR

(If you want to read about more the armband (and you should, have a look at the other models too) you can visit their website

I would normally always just go for the “M” but clearly I have learnt something of late (unfortunately not early enough for my Under Armour shopping spree…) and actually having measured by spaghetti arms ordered the “S”, which is perfect.

I have now done a few long runs with the armband and this is what I think:

Comfort: I find the armband very comfortable. It has a velcro fastening which means you can easily get the tightness of the fit right. Once you find your sweet spot, the armband stays put. It isn’t heavy and, I at least, (being used to running with an armband) just forget about it until it’s time to take it off.

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Sweat/waterproof: So far so good! Due to the padded back the sweat from my arm doesn’t manage to seep to the phone. There hasn’t been one of those apocalyptic rain storms that we have every now and again but it was drizzling a fair bit yesterday – the phone stayed nice and dry.

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Headphone jack: The holes for the headphones are at the bottom of the armband, there are two (left and right side). Perfect for the iPhone 6. If your phone has the jack at the top then you could just put your phone in the other way.

Photo from

Touchscreen: The plastic covering the screen is very responsive and the phone is easy to control. However, I found out during my first run that the brightness sensor gets blocked by the armband so if your iPhone is set to automatically control the screen brightness you will end up with a screen that is very hard to see as it’s dimmed to the max. Easy enough to get around by turning the auto-control off and the brightness to the max.

All in all – I can wholeheartedly recommend the ArmPocket Racer for iPhone 6. And you know me – should I change my mind about this, you will hear about it. The armband was bought by me with my own, hard earned cash and this review is not sponsored by ArmPocket in anyway. However, should they wish to start doing so.. 🙂

11 thoughts on “ArmPocket Racer for iPhone 6 – review

    1. It’s a brilliant armband and I wish I had found it sooner. It’s great not having to worry about whether a rain storm is going to mess up my phone and I can just enjoy the run. Will deffo come begging if any of the other armbands grabs my attention; I love the racer for it’s sleekness so have probably found my Holy Grail armband for now. 🙂 Thanks for visiting my blog!


  1. Too much minutes browsing, and then I found your post talking about the perfect armband for iPhone 6… Many thanks for your review, you have saved me a lot of time, and you have an admirer more 🙂


    1. Hi Felix,

      Thanks for leaving such a sweet comment! I am still running with the ArmPocket and still loving it so I am glad to hear you found my review useful. Just do make sure you set the screen to maximum brightness before you head out as otherwise you’ll struggle to see the display. I do anyway.

      Happy running!


  2. Hi, thank you so much for this post. I too have been trying to find the right armband for my 6s. Do you think this one or the Belkin would accommodate one of the really think covers around the phone? That is where I am running into problems. I don’t want to have to take my case off every run. It is one of those clear really thin ones. Thank you!!


    1. Hi Megan, sorry for taking so long to reply to your comment. Yes – both the Belkin and ArmPocket would accommodate the 6s without the cover at least as it’s basically the same size as iPhone 6. I don’t have the Belkin at hand but I tested the ArmPocket with my cover and it did fit in. Snuggly; but it did fit. What kind of cover do you have?


  3. Hi,
    Are you still loving the armband. I use a Nike one and am about fed up with how gross my phone gets. I sweat like a madman on my long runs and I think my 6 at the phone jack is starting to chip away from all that salt.


    1. Hi Nick!

      Yes, still firmly in love with the ArmPocket. I also sweat like a small animal in addition to often running in the rain and I find the phone keeps pretty dry; seriously impressed by it. I did look at the headphone jack on my phone as well and it seems a bit chipped also. Probably just from the headphones jarring against it, wouldn’t think it was due to the salt.


      1. Hey. Thank you for the quick reply. I’ll have to check this out then. I am almost positive that I’ve seen Armpocket at the Run Disney expos so I’ll keep an eye out for it this weekend, if not I’ll just order it online.
        You might be on to something with the headphone jack. I’ve used to many earbuds until I found what worked best for me, comfort and staying in the ear with little to no adjustments.



      2. Yeah, do check it out. I have no skin in the game so honestly recommend the ArmPocket.
        I use Yurbuds for headphones and they are the only ones that stay in. My New Pro ones do need the volume to be set very high in order for me to hear anything but they stay out even when the cord accidentally gets yanked. All this stuff probably amounts to the most technical part of running for me. 🙂


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