Looking back on 2014


Happy New Year! Now can we move on from that? My first day back to work and I have had to write that about a hundred times when replying to emails currently littering my inbox. And usually I forget so have to just quickly add it before I send the missives and appearing rude. I just want to move on now and make 2015 a fantastic, kick ass year of fun, fitness and hopefully minimal injuries.

People always like to reflect on the year gone past and I am no different. Mainly I like to check my running stats to see what was going on. So to bore you witless, here they are:

In 2014 I did:

  • 129 runs
  • Total distance 2289.43km
  • Total run time 222:09:10 (or 799750 seconds, if you prefer…)
  • Total ascent 8429m, total descent 8512m
  • I burnt 137,570 calories
  • Average distance was 17.75km and average run time 1h 43min

Meh… That doesn’t seem so much to me… But then I suppose you have to take into consideration that I cut my weekly running to two runs in order to accommodate two 2h gym sessions. It has saved me from injuries so it’s been worth it even though I am missing out on the miles. I still set myself crazy challenges; yesterday I did 2h on the stair mill (an escalator type stepper) and did over 11000 steps…

Well, let’s compare last year to 2013 when I mainly ran (I started going to the gym in November when my injury prevented running all together. I missed out on a few months of running more or less).

My running in 2013: 

  • 147 runs
  • Total distance 1749.15km
  • Total run time 177:17:27
  • Total ascent 21490m, total descent 22535m
  • Total calories 115,379
  • Average distance 11.9km, average run time 01:12:22

So what was different? I did more runs; like I said usually 4+ runs a week and no gym. I did a lot more hill runs and a lot more intervals. My runs were a lot shorter on average (this is also due to the intervals). And I was constantly injured. In December 2012 I saw physio about my knee, then in April 13 about my hip and in December 13 it was the knee again.

In 2014 I have not needed any physiotherapy. I have not missed any runs (that I can remember…) due to injuries though I would be lying if I said there hadn’t been minor niggles. This is all due to balancing the impact of running out with the low impact cardio stuff I do at the gym. I have also noticed my pace getting faster of late. I always do a run on Christmas Day with my husband and I didn’t even realise we were going a lot faster than we used to. He did. He peeled off at some point, heading home just to get to slow down, looking rather peaky.

I feel I am fitter than I have been at any point before. I can easily do a 21+km run every day of the week if I want to. It would probably kill my knees but fitness-wise it would be a doddle. Currently I am doing two 22km runs every week. And most importantly – I am loving it. I am loving the feeling of strong legs and how my glutes kick in when running up steep hills. I love how my legs have the strength to still stabilise me even when they are getting a bit tired. How my lungs, after the initial 20 minutes of pain, ease into the run and how I am barely out of breath. And it may be vain but it still gives me secret pleasure to spot a runner who I think is going at a pretty good pace and then to realise I must be going even faster as I move closer to overtake them (without trying).

I think I have earned my stripes.. Or in my case the “whoosh”. I hope you will have a fantastic, healthy running filled 2015!

10 thoughts on “Looking back on 2014

  1. A really fantastic year of running. Seriously impressed with your gym work because I know how much you didn’t really want to get into the gym. Great that the changes you made in 2014 have paid dividends to your health, fitness and remaining injury free. I hope 2015 is even better! Hehe Happy New Year xxx (I’m yet to return to work so my time will come!)


    1. Hello lovely! And thank you! 🙂 I am glad the gym has turned out to be a good thing. I still can’t say I love it but it has been 100% the right thing to balance out the running. I need to come and check how your marathon running is going. I feel like I have fallen back on everything over the holidays and am now playing catch up…

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      1. I love your blog and I love the journey from being all narky about the gym to going ‘ok, it’s good for me’. Love your realness and honesty! Guess what? Four sleeps to the marathon! I can’t believe it. The journey so far (and may it remain so) has been uneventful, just progressing through the training plan. The butterflies are getting a little active though but I think they are excited ones more than nervous ones right now 🙂


      2. Oh my god, your marathon is nearly here!? You will be great, the distances you have been running to prepare will make sure of it. You are very, very impressive and I don’t know how you make it seem so easy! Can’t wait for the race report! X

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    1. Thank you! I feel like had a pretty good balance throughout and it was nice to end it uninjured (for a change..).

      I don’t do races, running for me is purely a solitary thing. I don’t really even like running with anyone.


  2. Yeah, I completely get how preparing for a race is good for motivation and I think majority of runners love them for this reason.
    Weirdly I don’t really have issues with motivation. Running/gym has become such a habit that I don’t even think about it twice anymore. It is in my routine and that’s that. Of course there are days when it just doesn’t “flow” but those happen… 🙂


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