Will you be having more kids?


I started writing this post saying that it is nearing a year since I had my hysterectomy and then had to stop and think. It is actually nearing two years! My operation took place on 7th of March 2013.  I had a total hysterectomy with my uterus and cervix removed. My fallopian tubes and ovaries were left in situ. According to my surgeon, normally the ovaries would also be removed in endometriosis cases but due to my “young age” he was reluctant to do this and bring on menopause, preferring to go in and remove the rest at a later date if need be.

The operation was partially elective in that it was done due to uterine prolapse and endometriosis. My surgeon also suspected adenomyosis but I ended up getting the all clear on that front. The pain was bearable but since I was done with my family I didn’t see the point in having to put up with it. So in the end my surgeon agreed to the operation.

So there’s a quick background to those who have not read my earlier hysto posts. The reason I am writing this post is something that I am sure a lot of women in my situation can relate to.

How many of you women in your child bearing years get asked the question:

So will you be having (more) kids? 

Whenever this is uttered I know already where the conversation is headed. Take the convo with my hairdresser on Friday:

Him: So would you like to have more kids?

Me: No, I am done, two is enough.

Him: But you never know…

Me: I do know, I can’t have any more.

Him: How old are you? 35? Oh, you totally still can.

Me: No, I can’t – I don’t have a uterus which I hear is a requirement

I realise that I could just keep batting the “you never know” and the “you still might” back with “nah, I think I am done” and “two is enough” but I usually end up getting annoyed with the insistence and just wanting to shut them up. A bit mean. I don’t mind telling people about my hysterectomy. I am not embarrassed about it or feel it’s a thing I need to be secretive about. It’s the other people that I worry about. They have a tendency to get embarrassed and since I am “so young” they immediately think that the reason for my operation was something much more sinister like cancer. And that leads to a whole other conversation you don’t want to have with your hairdresser or a fitness instructor at the gym…

So next time someone pushes me on this topic, I hope they will be ready for the answer.

One thought on “Will you be having more kids?

  1. It’s such a personal question yet so many people seem they can ask. Tell ’em straight! I was even asked when Paul and I got married. He has four and I have three. He was 50 and I was 44. More babies? Not for us 🙂


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