The “F” Word

The last thing I would ever do is to have a pedicure. The thing I probably most need is a pedicure.

I am not a feet person, in fact I would go as far as to say I hate them to the point where I almost have a phobia. Pictures of feet (even the word makes me shudder) in magazines or images on television make me look away. Even if they are perfectly nice ones – they are still… well, feet.

Anyone who spends a bit of time with their feet in runners (actually running) knows that they do pay a price. Blisters, hard skin, black toenails, blisters under toenails, toenails falling off.. All sorts! It’s the blisters under toenails that is my personal “favourite”. Painful as heck until you figure out what is going on and even then the only way to relieve the pressure is to make a mad leap of faith and eek a sterilised needle under the toenail to pop it. Unpleasant. And a cherry on the cake is the fact that you have to keep popping it over the coming days (and after following runs) until the nail eventually falls off. Happy days.

All this is fine in the winter, but come summer time when there is half a chance your feet are not buried into 3 pairs of socks and thick boots and need to be presentable… A good thing I am not a fan of sandals!

One thought on “The “F” Word

  1. Giggling here! I have two black toes nails from marathon training. I was excited when I first noticed them – signs of a grown up runner 🙂 F word…love it! I think you need to have a pedicure just to frighten some little young beautician hehe I might go have one too!


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