Pride comes before a fall

There I was, running at a pretty darn good pace. Music keeping me going and my head in the clouds; I was so far into the zone that I had practically zoned out. And the next thing I know I am flying! Well, I didn’t  quite grow wings or land flat on my face but my right foot had caught on an uneven edge of the paving and suddenly I was inches away from disaster. Somehow, I managed to stay upright and I managed to keep running. Maybe it was my speed that helped me avoid the disaster but it was close. Too damn close. I never stopped and my pace barely suffered but my head was a state. Sounds stupid to say that a stumble could upset anyone so much but it did. First of all it was so… sudden and almost violent. It wasn’t just the usual misstep but my fingertips actually touched the ground trying to keep my horizontal upper body from crashing – that is how close it was. And shit – going down would have hurt. And that’s how we get to the thing that almost upset me most; my pride was hurt. I felt embarrassed and stupid.

So this usually arrogant runner who thinks she is the queen of the pavements as soon as she laces up was knocked back a notch. I wasn’t quite so barky with silly pedestrians or with cars who decided indicating is an optional activity. And I did my run at a record time; probably trying to outrun anyone who might have seen the incident….

(Wish I didn't)

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