Sock it to me – when holes trump holy

I am a slave to my habits. I always wear the same things for running (with slight adjustments for weather and seasons), run the same route, at the same time and with the same preparation. The only variable is how I feel during the run (and boy, does that vary!).

I knew that I was strictly a routine follower but I think the depth (and insanity) of it only hit home this week when two things happened that shook me up:

  1. I had to do my run at 10am rather than 8.30am due to having drop my kid to his half-term football club
  2. I bought new running socks

I know! I know how ridiculous that sounds – I was thrown for a loop because I had to run in new socks. In my defence; I have been running in the same, tattered pair of Nike socks for probably closer to two years now. I would still be running in them if they weren’t sporting holes so big that my toes won’t stay in them. So I tried to find the same socks online – and of course they have been discontinued and are impossible to find. I have tried many different socks but these were just perfect; snug and they never gave me blisters. I mean, I still get the odd under-the-toenail etc kind but these are nothing to do with socks. In fact the worst blisters I have ever gotten have been due to “blister preventing” socks – ha! I hate socks that are too “smooth”; the fabric needs to have enough grip to stop my feet sliding in the shoes.

So I took a deep breath and ordered Nike Elite Cushioned socks. Normally “cushioned” is a word I avoid as much as I do “blister”. They just end up being too thick. But the reviews said that these socks weren’t, in fact, too “padded”. They are thicker than my old socks but nothing like a pair of cushioned socks that I have that you basically need to shoe horn into the runners. So I put the socks on and spent ages tugging them and adjusting them. When you can’t feel the socks at all, that’s when you know they are perfect.

My old trusty Nike Elite Running Cushion Quarter Socks.
My old trusty Nike socks. I just realised this picture was taken almost two years ago (and they were old then!) 
New socks!
New socks!

So there I was yesterday, worried that I was running too late (there is a point where I just get too hungry as I run on empty, basically with whatever was the dinner the night before as my fuel) and that my socks would be bugging me. First world problems if ever there were any. But all was well; the day was beautiful and sunny (I should have paid more attention to the temperature and not worn my gloves or the extra layer) and the run was flowing. I racked up a 23km and not a thought was given to my socks during it. If only I could be so brave with my running bra which is even older than the socks…

One thought on “Sock it to me – when holes trump holy

  1. I love your posts and your attention to routine xxxx I have a friend who has to have a lip balm called ‘bert’s bees’. Everything is ok if she has that 🙂 I’m sure you can find a new running bra! Don’t be like me and wish beyond wishes I could go back in time and buy five of my favourite one that is now discontinued. If only there was a runner’s crystal ball for such things.


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