Running through changing seasons

How do you dress for a run when you end up getting all sorts of weather within the two hours you are out? It was freezing cold with gusty wind to begin with, then the drizzling rain started. Luckily that didn’t last for long as the warm, spring-like sunshine soon dried everything up. I was wearing my usual Under Armour hot weather long sleeved top (because it’s nice and thin) and my Irish rugby training t-shirt over it  (because it’s Six Nations time and I have to declare my colours). And gloves. I was glad of the gloves; my fingers were numb from the cold despite having them. Luckily I missed the hail storm that we just had (!)… What’s next – a tornado?

I felt like a character in a movie where seasons change in the background depicting the passing time. Except my time was passing very very slowly. My Morton’s Neuroma (diagnosed by yours truly with the help of Dr. Google) has been bothering me again. Not sure why but I think the lateral elliptical at the gym isn’t doing it any favours. It’s passed before without any intervention and I am sure it will again. It wasn’t the best of runs but it wasn’t the worst of runs either – and sometimes just being average is good.

cold weather

9 thoughts on “Running through changing seasons

  1. Simple – move to California where it’s always pleasant! I just moved here and I literally have no use for my long sleeve shirts any more as it’s just about never below 40 degrees!


    1. Oh no I haven’t. Haven’t even heard of those – will have to google it straight away! Anything that works. It is so funny how our seasons are always exactly opposite, except for the brief moments of spring/autumn where they overlap. 🙂 I quite like running in the cold but otherwise I will take the hot weather over the cold anytime. 🙂


      1. We have snow clouds on the mountains surrounding the farm tonight and we’re only four days into autumn. Did hill repeats tonight and it was so nice to feel the cool instead of sweat tickling everywhere 🙂


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