Another new city, another new running route

Not sure where you are reading this from but here in the UK (well, I can really only speak for London) the weather seems to go from summer to winter in the matter of a day. If you have your bikini under a winter coat and various layers in between then you should be ok.

Makes it challenging to know what to wear for a run but I have officially moved to capris and a t-shirt. If it looks too cold then I might wear my sleeves. I suppose there are bigger problems on the global scale..

So last weekend we went to a fantastic wedding near Norwich. I had the best time I have had in YEARS! Utterly fab! It was my first gay wedding as well and I was so happy and proud to be there. But that’s not what this blog is about, it’s about running so I will get on to that.

We took the train from London to Norwich on Friday evening and after too much wine and a late (and disgusting) dinner at the hotel (that left us both feeling on the verge of food poisoning) we rolled into bed. I had mapped out a nice run for the next day on the Marriot’s Way from Norwich. Our hotel was a quick run from the start of it so it all worked out perfectly.

I didn’t sleep too well and in fact woke up at 3m on Saturday and just couldn’t sleep after that. At around 7am I gave up and started getting ready for the run. My husband was contemplating on going later but as he didn’t know the route he had to just roll out of bed and join me – haa ha! It was a beautiful, sunny day though it wasn’t warm. There was a nip in the air and every now and again a wind would whip up.

Marriot's Way
Marriot’s Way

But the route was lovely. It was very flat and took us through woods and past fields with horses, rivers and at places houses. The old man ran 5km with me and turned back to make it a 10km run – he had learnt his lesson in Ireland when he joined me for a 22.6km run and didn’t enjoy it too much… I kept on going for 12km and a bit to make up for the few occasions where I wasn’t quite sure if the tiddly path was what we were supposed to be running on and had gone looking for a bigger one. But I ended up doing a nice 24.27km run and even made it back to the hotel in time for the dregs of the breakfast. I should apologise to anyone and everyone who had to witness my sweaty self in the restaurant. Normally I would never put people through that and would shower first but they were closing the kitchen.

It was a great beginning to what became an amazing day (and late night). And the best part? Despite copious amounts of champagne, wine and cocktails I woke up on Sunday pretty much without a hangover! That’s despite rolling in at around 4am! Doesn’t get much better than that…

2 thoughts on “Another new city, another new running route

  1. Hi there – thanks for sharing this great post – I love a good old running recce! I work away a lot of and running gives me a good way of exploring a new area. I also do it on holiday – admittedly more challenging as the only time to really do it is first thing in the morning before it gets too hot – interesting after too many Retsinas the night before LOL


    1. Hi! Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment. It’s always nice to know there is “someone out there”. It is amazing how much more you see of places when you run (in) them. I have definitely experienced more since I have started running. And I am also a holiday runner – though I have the same bugbear as you – trying to run hungover and before the sun gets up.. It makes a baaaad combo… 🙂

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