New shoes and a revelation

I have been running in my current shoes (pink Nike Structure 18s) since 10th of December 2014 – a total distance of 1141.72km. I can tell because RunMeter tracks the distance you do in your shoes as long as you make sure to put them in the system.

I know the recommended way is to have multiple pairs on the go at the same time but I have always been one for simplicity. I run a pair ragged, get a new one and just keep on running. The shoes get broken in within a couple of runs. Mind you, the Structure 18s took a bit longer than usual before I was happy with them as I just couldn’t get the insoles comfortable. The arch on my right foot got very painful and I was convinced that I would never get on with the shoes. But the issue passed and the shoes are still going strong. This is the longest distance I have done in one pair; before I have known I had to get new Nikes when my shins started to hurt and odd pains started cropping up in my legs. The first pair of Structure 17s got closest with 978.93km but usually the shoes expire at around 800-850km. Usually I also punch holes to the uppers of the shoes with my big toes. But not the 18s. They have been great!

The ominous pair of Nike Structure 18s
The ominous pair of Nike Structure 18s

However, because I can see the inevitable on the horizon, I ordered myself a new pair of 18s from RunnersNeed and just got them today. I know my size, I know my brand and my shoe within that brand so I feel comfortable just finding the cheapest price online now. And normally when I get new shoes I get all giddy and just can’t wait to go out and run. But not this time.. This is going to sound weird but I just did not get a good feeling about these shoes…

Water repellent! I will still jump over the puddles if you don't mind..
Water repellent! I will still jump over the puddles if you don’t mind..just have a bad mojo… 

Maybe it’s because the first pair of 18s were so tough to break in. Or maybe it’s because the shoes just have a bad mojo… The colour is a bit uninspiring but then I chose it; I have had bright runners since.. OMG! I just realised where this feeling might be coming from! When I had the bunions on both of my feet (oh, I am such a sexy lady!) operated on three years ago, the first pair of shoes I wore after being able to ditch the post-op clogs were BLACK NIKES! There is a little bit about them in this post (the Asics never worked out for me, can’t even wear them to the gym). I felt very unattractive after the operation; I couldn’t walk never mind exercise and just thought I was very chunky. I wasn’t really a runner before the operation, not in a big way. But I did start running in the months afterwards and have kept on going ever since.  So maybe I should turn around my thinking about the new shoes – if they do remind me of that recovery pair of Nikes then that is a good thing! Not only did they get me back to walking after the operation but they got me into running. And they lasted with me for over 800km.

I guess you could say those shoes really saw (to) the birth of a runner. Let’s hope the new pair won’t see the downfall of one..

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