Sunny running


Not sure if this happens to everyone but it definitely happens to me; as soon as the days get longer and sun (that actually might make an appearance more than once every two weeks) gets warmer, I get scatterbrained and restless. I blame growing up in Finland where the winters are long and dark and the summers, whilst light, are not exactly known for their reliable warmth even though it can get just as hot there as it does in the UK (Hello global warming!). If it is sunny outside, then I cannot make myself stay indoors. I will do my best to organise my work so that I can “work from home” (= from the garden) and housework goes by the wayside. I NEED to feel the sun on my skin. I am pretty much addicted.

However, I am not a fan of running in the summer sun (in fact I much prefer to run in the rain) – it just makes everything so much harder. I have conceded again to the the fact that I do need to carry water with me (or suffer suffer suffer) and my capris and t-shirt have made way to shorts (I apologise to everyone subjected to the sight of my thighs) and a hot weather top. I always sweat when I exercise (I once shocked one of the PT’s at my gym when hitting the stair mill after a big night out and sweating so profusely that it was puddling on the steps and under the machine) but running on a hot day just feels as if my body is being wrung out like a wet cloth to get every drop of fluid out of it. And then there is the fact that on a nice, sunny day there will be many more people outside blocking the pavements and roads. All leisurely strolling with their friends/families/dogs (= walking slowly and making it difficult to pass). And here comes the vain bit – tan lines. Between sunbathing in a bikini and running in a running top I have various different shades on my chest and back. Yes, I did say I was vain.

I am currently doing two 25km runs every week in addition to the two 2h CV gym sessions. And while I bitch and moan about running in the sunshine, every time I descend into the underground gym (with no natural daylight), leaving the glorious sunshine behind, I die a little inside. All I want is to be out there with sun warming (burning) my skin and sweat blinding my eyes.. After all, summer only comes once a year!

2 thoughts on “Sunny running

  1. I should’ve looked further in the reader – two posts and one about sunny 25km runs. You are a machine pumping out that distance twice a week! I agree with the running in the heat bit. That’s tough. It’s good to hear that you’re getting some nice warm days this summer.


    1. Haha, I know – I take ages off blogging and then bash out two at the same time. 🙂 We go from freezing (not quite literally) to tropical in a matter of 24h – it’s hard to keep up at times but shouldn’t complain. 🙂

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