Runaway bride


I’ve been discussing running with various people a lot lately. Running has been one of my favourite topics for about as long as I have been doing it but these conversations have been slightly different.

I know some of you know me and know who I am, which is why I am slightly hesitant to elaborate but hey – what the hell. The truth is out there and it will soon be everywhere so here goes. My husband and I are separated (while still living together.. Yes, it’s possible and going rather well) and slowly processing our way towards the paperwork. All very very amicable and something that I think is better for the both of us. But anyway; that is not my point here. My point is that this situation means that I have been (internet) dating and hence obviously meeting a lot of new people.

And as running is such a big part of me and hugely important to my mental health it obviously is one of the topics discussed. Some of the guys understand the passion and share it (usually to a lesser extent), some kind of get it (but think I am nuts) and some just think I am nuts. You can guess which ones of those dates are cut short..

But it also seems that people have a need to analyse my obsession and that is where the very interesting conversations come in. The fact that I do long distance multiple times a week without training for anything or that I don’t (and don’t want to) race don’t seem to compute. Me getting up at 4.30am to run just to be able to fit a run in on a busy day is just incomprehensible. Why do I do it? Why do I run long distance? Why do I run alone? Why does running take over everything else?

And then, someone comes along who doesn’t just dismiss me as crazy. They run, they understand. They get that running is a way to meditate, to clear your head, to let go.  A long run gives you time to process situations, feelings, hurt. They know that not racing means you only want to compete against yourself, because that’s enough. They see that your need to push your limits is about making yourself stronger, not just physically but also mentally. They get IT.

I think that deserves a second date.

6 thoughts on “Runaway bride

  1. Wow, this is both a great post and really big news. I’m sorry you’re going through this, but glad that it seems to be civil, and especially glad that you have your running to keep you sane through such change. Running really does strengthen so much more than our calf muscles, doesn’t it? Sending good thoughts.


    1. Hey Anna! Thanks darling! I know this probably sounds very weird but it is actually A Very Good Thing. Obviously the tricky bits are making sure the kids get through it unscathed but personally I am happier than I have been in a loooong time. But running has been a great help in giving me time to think and process. Thank you so much for the good thoughts xxx

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    1. Hey hon! Yeah, I am ok. I really am (and not just trying hard to convince everybody :-)). I actually met my (soon-to-be) ex via online dating site as well so I know it can work. For now it just feels like a bit of fun though; quite happy by myself as well.

      Thanks! xxx

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