My achilles is my achilles heel

I have been pretty arrogant about the fact that I haven’t been injured for months and months. Actually, been pretty much injury free since I started going to the gym almost two (??) years ago.

But then about two weeks ago I started having pains in my left achilles. Nothing that stops me from running (the leg isn’t broken, after all!) but enough to make me a bit worried that I might be causing more harm than good by running (not that that would make a difference…). Luckily I have a friends who were quick to offer advice:

Voltarol 12h Emulsigel (and Nurofen)


My friend, who is a serious runner and has done multiple marathons has suffered with achilles injury and recommended the Voltarol 12h Emulsigel. Here in the UK it is prescription free but they keep it behind the counter as it is stronger than the normal Voltarol gel. I have been spending a lot of time rubbing that on my ankle and together with the Nurofen I do feel it does help.



This tip came from a former rugby player who also had done his achilles in at some point. His recommendation (from a physio) was to get a bucket of ice water (I emptied two bags of ice and added a bit of water) and then alternate with keeping your foot in it for 1 minute, then out for 1 minute – repeat until you can’t take it anymore. He said he could do it 4 times before the pain got unbearable. I was still going strong after 30mins when I stopped feeling any pain. Mainly because I had long since stopped feeling the foot.

Not sure which of these it was but at one point the pain seemed to have all but gone. It does seem to come back after a long run but since I can run more or less without pain (maybe slight niggling towards the end of the 25km), I am just going to see how it goes. Keep on rubbing that Voltarol and popping the Nurofen. Not that keen on going back to the bucket of ice..

Can’t be all that bad since I did one of my fastest 25km runs on Saturday. I am loving the cooling weather (for running) – have already stopped running with a water bottle and find that I can easily do the distance without getting too thirsty. Means I have two hands free for the tissues I now need instead (thanks kids for going back to school and bringing back a new lurgy every week)!

4 thoughts on “My achilles is my achilles heel

  1. Sorry to hear about your injury. We runners do not like anything to get in the way of our running. My husband had achilles issues for a few years, then he started taking 5000mg of vitamin D every day. After a week he noticed a notable improvement and within two weeks no more pain after suffering on and off for two years. The recommendation is to take it with a magnesium supplement as one working on contraction and the other on lengthening. There’s a lot of info on the internet about it. Note, he also did some stretches recommended by the physical therapist, but he said once he started the vitamins he noticed quick improvement.
    Good luck with healing.


    1. Hi! Thanks so much for that tip! I will be heading home via the health food store to stock up on Vitamin D; Magnesium I have already for leg cramps. With the winter coming and the sun going on hibernation vit D is good anyway.
      Thanks again!!


  2. Careful with the Achilles! This is one of those injuries that plagued me for YEARS. It still crops up again if I’m not careful about my training… Stretching and cross training are what eventually did the trick for me (after a long rest from running to finally let it get back in order).


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