Super run under super moon


I am very routine driven person and everything usually has it’s place in the order of my life. There are run days and there are gym days; there are work days which are my rest days from exercise. But every now and again, for whatever reason, I have to mix things up a bit in order to fit everything in.

This week is one of those times. I’m flying to Tel Aviv on Thursday and that seriously messes with my exercise routine. I mean, of course I will run there but it will be 30C so I am not expecting long distance miracles. So the plan is to do my long runs on during the week before I fly away. And work. And look after the kids. Easy, right?

As the ex was still home today to look after the kids and to get the youngest to school, I was able to do an early run. An early run being getting up at 4.30am and being out of the house well before 5. Could be earlier, really. But today there was special motivation to get out there to catch the end bit of the eclipse of the super moon. And I can tell you; it was worth it! The sky was clear, not a cloud in sight so I had the perfect view of the moon. It was already past the full eclipse but a good chunk of the moon was still missing when I saw it and I have to admit; I gasped. It was amazing. I spent most of my run craning my neck to keep the spectacle in my sights (making another spectacle of myself by nearly running into things). Amazing how these heavenly bodies can make you feel so small but yet so big at the same time.

There were a few times when I was running right towards the moon with perfect visibility and I admit it brought out the sailor in me. Well, the language anyway. I just couldn’t help it, it looked so incredible. Later on, when the eclipse was over and done with and the moon a massive orb on the sky, I was running across Primrose Hill with the moon setting on one side and the sun rising on the other.. I know I keep talking about life affirming runs but here was another one of those. Life felt good. The running, even, felt good.

I guess we are all part of various cycles; life/death, beginning/end, day/night, good run/bad run, happiness/sadness, uphill/downhill… Ultimately – you just have to keep your head up and focus on the beauty in even the dips in your life. There is magic in every moment.

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