Morning glory

There just aren’t enough hours in the day sometimes and when you have to fit in a run that’s over two hours.. Well, you just have to get creative. When I “have to” run on a workday, the only way to do that is to wake up at stoooopid-o-clock and just get it done. But then, if you have read my blog before you know that that’s my MO (could also stand for Mad Obsession). What seems to be happening though, is that the early runs keep getting earlier and earlier. Maybe because my runs are getting longer, or were until I got stuck on the 25km loop.

Last night I woke up at 2am and my mind was just too busy for me to be able to fall back to sleep. I laid there staring at the ceiling until 3am before I finally gave in and got up. The usual Gingerbread-Man-Prevention-Programme later and I was out on the dark pavements by just gone 4am. The clocks going back helped; my body and mind were convinced that it was 5am already so it was almost like being behind schedule. And as soon as I started running I felt as if I’d grown wings overnight – it felt easy. Light. I wasn’t running as much as I was bounding. My Nikes were eating up the pavement and wanting more, more, more.

I surprised a fox and for a while we were doing a race sprint – the fox won but only because the coward took the easy way out and climbed under a fence. I decided not to follow but to carry on. I ran past a building in which is a flat that I am hoping to rent; that set the mind wandering for miles. Mainly along the winding corridors of Ikea. I gave the evil eye to a guy on a bike who was clearly casing houses and/or cars to break into. I think seeing people (=panting, sweaty mess in a high vis t-shirt just about recognisable as a person) out and about unsettled him enough to get him to leave it for the night.

Primrose Hill
Primrose Hill
Primrose Hill
Primrose Hill
View from Primrose Hill over the twinkling lights of London
View from Primrose Hill over the twinkling lights of London

By the time I was entering Primrose Hill I was really in the groove; enjoying every bit of the run. Even the tunes were behaving and I didn’t have to suffer through one Christmas song accidentally downloaded onto it! As I was climbing up the hill, two police vehicles came into view on top of it. A van and a car with their noses pointed towards the twinkling lights of the city, clearly just taking it in. Poor coppers must deal with enough of the grime and shit of the city to every now and again need a reminder of what is so good and beautiful about London. And let me tell you; looking over the illuminated streets of the park and the vastness of where we live is enough to do that. I ran across the beams of their headlights; probably scaring the poor feckers half to death and carried on. I was lapping the park, still with the wings firmly on my back. It was a chilly morning and there was a gentle mist slowly moving across the park, making everything seem hazy and.. rather Jack The Ripper-like. My music was on, my running was good, I had a massive smile on my face (luckily it was still dark with noone around to call the guys in white coats to come and lock me up in a padded room), heart swelling with so much love and happiness and I just wanted to run with my hands in the air, whooping.

I didn’t, of course. It’s still me, for feck’s sake!

As I was rounding the Outer Circle of Regent’s Park towards home, even the usually-so-bloody annoying, epileptic-fit-inducing flashing lights of the various bikes lapping the park didn’t destroy my bubble.

It was a good run. Nay – it was an amazing run. London is so beautiful at the moment; the leaves have turned and the colours everywhere are breathtaking. Of course you can’t see them when you are running in the dark, in the middle of the night but even then you know you are surrounded by this yearly spectacle. And actually; the yellow leaves on the the ground help you make out the surface of the otherwise dark ground making it easier to run where there aren’t any street lights.


Autumn in London
Autumn in London

Life is good, folks. It’s really, really good. And I can’t help but reflect on the cycles of life again. The year is drawing to a close, nature is shutting down and going into hibernation. But it won’t be long before I will be running in the ever longer days again and feeling the warmth of the sun on me (and moaning about it). Normally I would be going into power saving mode in the cold winter months as well. But not this year. This year I am looking forward to every single day. Even the dark, miserable ones. Because I have fallen in love. Madly in love with London, with where I live, with life; with the adventure that it is. And madly in love with a Boy.

Aaaaaaand I am making myself sick with all this soppiness – gonna go throw up now. Or maybe get some lunch first. More to throw up.* Next time I’ll get back to the regular schedule of grumpy ranting.

*I’m not going to throw up – too much of a waste of lovely food

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