Sleepless on the streets of London

I only ever drink decaf! Or maybe Starbucks/Pret are secretly poisoning me with caffeine....
I only ever drink decaf! Or maybe Starbucks/Pret are secretly poisoning me with caffeine….

I can’t remember the last time I ran in daylight; last Friday I did a 4am run, same Monday and today (Wednesday). And I have to say, I am kind of preferring the dark runs – especially when they are like the one today; an easy-feeling run in mild temperatures and relentless rain. There is a specific kind of beauty to the streets in the early hours of the morning, especially when they are wet and glistening and covered with brightly coloured fallen leaves floating in the puddles. It is much easier to get into the zone when your focus is very much on what’s right in front of you (half of the time the streets are so badly lit that I am constantly scanning the ground for potholes or anything that might trip me up). All that exists for me is the music in my ears, my breathing and squelching of my sodden shoes.

I haven’t been sleeping great; Monday I woke up at 2.30am, Tuesday I managed to sleep more or less until the morning but kept waking up every half an hour and then last night I woke up at 1.30am and just couldn’t get back to sleep. In the end I got up at 3am and was out running by 4am – I was stressing myself out about being too tired to run so I figured I might as well just go and get it over and done with. And in the end it turned out to be an amazing run. My legs felt strong, breathing was great and I was so tired that I think I kind if slept half of the 25km run. Well, daydreamed anyway. The run was over and done with before I knew it. I do feel like I got lucky as I was out for a good few glasses of wine with a friend, trying to calm my nerves as I’m waiting to hear back regarding a flat I am hoping to rent. I really should have been struggling with the pace today… Tonight I will be drugging myself up with a handful of melatonin in the hopes of a decent sleep.

Anyway sleep or no sleep, I have managed to do those two 25km runs this week as well as the 2h session at the gym on Tuesday. The reason I have tried to make sure the runs were “ticked off” was because I am going away to Majorca for a long weekend with my boyfriend* and have struggled to map out a run that’s long enough. But then; there are hills and when I say hills I mean kilometres long climbs. I guess it’s about time I hauled my ass up one of those again…

Hmmm… Maybe if I get The Boy to run ahead of me that would act as motivation…

* Yes!… Hysterical Runner has been feeling almost even more hysterical than normal of late. Hysterically happy. Doesn’t help with trying to stick to my usual grumpy tone… Anymore sleepless nights though and I should be able to bang out a proper moany tome of a post. 

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