Statistically speaking…

Something I usually do every January is take a look at the running stats of the past year. I know; incredibly boring for most but there is something about numbers that just really does it for me… Guess I’m just kinky that way…

Ok, so: looking at all the runs that I have recorded on RunMeter last year I get the following stats. These numbers exclude the various runs I have done to and from the gym etc which I don’t record or even really count as runs. The number in brackets is that of 2014.

Count: 123 (129)


Total distance: 2852.73km (2289.43km)

FullSizeRender (1)

Total run time: 260:54:57 (222:09:10)

FullSizeRender (2)

Calories: 163,148 (136,570) – ridiculous as this is without running with a heart rate monitor

Average distance: 23.19km (17.75km)

Average run time: 2:07:17 (1:43:20)

Average pace: 5:29 / km (5:49 / km)

FullSizeRender (3)

Steps: 2,609,249 (437,664) – this one is crazy! Clearly steps weren’t really recorded in 2014 first of all but c’mon – over two million six hundred steps!!

So my conclusion is that there is definitely some improvement there; pace is getting faster despite my distances getting longer. I did less runs but more gym time so it all balances out. And I ran in some amazing places; Finland, Majorca, Norwich (!)… It was a good year – more of that in 2016, please!


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