Making excuses


Life is great; it is fantastic in fact. But the bloody thing keeps getting in the way of things like updating this blog – my apologies!

I have to say, it has been a very tough year as far as running goes. I feel like my fitness has gone to sh1t for absolutely no reason. I am still running but I have been cutting myself a good bit of slack with the distance with on average one 23km run and one shorter run each week (last year I was doing two 25km runs each week – at least). By “shorter” I mean anything from embarrassingly short 10km upwards. Last year I did a look back on running in 2015 and it was super – my average run wasn’t far off 25km over the whole year. Oh how the mighty have fallen! I guess I just need a different perspective – I came home from a 23km run this week and the downstairs neighbour (whom I don’t know) opened his door as I was walking past and asked how far I’d run. I told him and he promptly declared my crazy. I did tell him I had heard that before…

Having said that, there have been the odd blissful runs and those are the ones that make it all worthwhile. This morning I got up at 3.40am to put in a quick stomp around the ‘hood before work. It ended up being only a 17k but I loved it – there is something magical having the streets all to yourself. No people, no cars, no idiots blocking the pavements… Blissful! Just me and the urban foxes. And even after having a veeeeery long hot shower after and taking my time getting ready I was still on my way to work by 7am. Why don’t I do this every day? Oh.. Maybe it’s the 3.40am part….

Life is great. But it is also a balancing act and even though I have been putting less distance this year it is possible this has been the right thing to do. I am not dreading the running days as much anymore thinking that every time I head out I have to bang out a 25km run. I can just.. run. Enjoy it. Have fun with it. I have been running a lot of hills and that in addition to the changing distance keeps my body guessing and hopefully stops it from stagnating. If I was smart (and not as lazy and pain averse), I would add some HIT work into the routine. Maybe next year…..


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