Nike Structure 20

Some runners seem to be able to run in just any old shoe. Ignoring the brand, support and other qualities and just focusing on shoes that look awesome. Not me – the only shoes I seem to be able to run in are the Nike Structure series. And that’s not a bad thing by any means (though they are not the prettiest of shoes) as it’s great to just be able to order online knowing what size to go for and that the shoe would be a perfect fit. Makes it a lot easier to bargain hunt. However, the Structure series pretty much evolves yearly and the “upgrades” aren’t all made equal. I just got my first pair of the Structure 20s (a bit late to the game as these came out months ago) and I have high hopes that these will actually be one of the good ones.

Here is a better review from than I will ever be able to write, they have really gone into a fantastic amount of detail and if you want to know more about running shoes that you have been eyeing on, do check them out. Of course there is always an element of what works for you, might not work for another but this is a good  and impartial place to start.

Edit 6th of February: I have now done a couple of longer runs in these shoes and I am really struggling with them. The first run they just felt too small but I blamed this on the fact that maybe I just had laced them too tightly and failed to leave it slack enough midfoot. By the end of the run my feet felt sore in the same way as if I’d been wearing too small heels for a night out.. Not great! For the second run I loosened the lacing and the shoes felt roomier but I keep getting pains on the outer foot, especially on the right foot… I will give them a few more goes but whatever you have changed, Nike, I don’t like it!

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