Phone Zombies and other irritants


When you run on pavements and have to share the space with other pedestrians (and the odd cyclist who soon learns the error of his ways when coming across me…) you become pretty good at minimising any irritation. One of my main things is to try and avoid routes near schools (or ideally running altogether) at around 8.15-9.15 as that’s when all the school kids and parents walking the younger ones are about. There is nothing that puts the fear in you like a 6-year old on a Micro scooter, erratically weaving across the street at the speed of a runaway train….

And when it’s raining, things get even more interesting as that’s when the umbrellas come out.. Golf umbrellas really don’t have any business outside of a golf course…

Then of course there are the dog walkers who are at one side of the pavement with the pooch at the other, leaving the leash forming a trip wire in between. Not to mention the stinky shit bombs that half of them don’t bother to pick up.

I could go into discussing drivers who don’t bother to indicate and busses trying to remove me from this earth but I feel this is all something I have covered many times before.

The ting that I have seen getting worse in the past few years is the case of the Phone Zombies. You know them – slow shuffling walk, head tilted down to stare at the phone screen and no fucking idea where they are going, completely clueless to their surroundings. Made even worse when it’s a parent pushing a pram which basically equates to a Phone Zombie driving a tanker. (I’d love to say I never look at my phone myself when I walk around but I genuinely try to avoid this…)

And people wonder why I like running at 4am… Really, it’s better for all of us if I do….

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