Suited for running


Some runs just flow; you feel powerful and in control. You can power up those glutes on uphills and run up them like you had a booster pack stuck on your back. Great runs, those.

Also rare.

More common are the seemingly never-ending torturethons where you feel like every step leaves a layer of your heart and soul on the pavement, chipping away at your stamina and motivation in equal measure. Don’t get me wrong; to finish a run like that is great as not only do you exercise your body but you also the lesser known muscle of willpower.

I did a 24k run yesterday but to be honest I pretty much hated all of it. All. Of. It. Even the downhills. All I wanted was to be done with it and the fact that I managed to push through still amazes me.

And to rub the crappiness of the run in my face I was overtaken by a guy who was running in a button up shirt and belted suit trousers. He did wear runners so at least there’s that!… He wasn’t running for the bus either; the dude really was out putting in some distance. I am guessing there was some religious reason to his attire but he did put my sweat-wicking, all singing all dancing Nike duds to shame. My excuse is that I’d done 17k at that point and was running uphill.

That and the run was really, really crappy.


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