My kind of racing!

It’s great to have passions; nothing keeps you going like the love of something, whatever that thing might be. But when you get to combine a few passions, things just get moved up to a whole new level.

You know I love running. (You probably also know that I occasionally bloody hate it but that’s besides the point…) I happen to also love cars and motor racing has recently played a huge part in my life. Next week we will be going to Le Mans (sadly only to spectate) and I have found out that on the Friday before the race, there is a semi-organised run around the circuit. Yes – you get to run the iconic Le Mans before settling in for your 24h of spectating!


The run is organised by a private campsite called Team Langoustine but anyone wearing trainers will be allowed in on the Friday morning at 8.30am before setting off. The first one back gets a t-shirt. The track is only 13.629km long so should be a doddle and a lovely way to start the weekend which will probably include one or two beers… I don’t normally like running with other people but I am willing to make an exception for something this amazing.

The weekend after Le Mans we will be at Spa-Francorchamps at the Spa Summer Classic (and this time we will be racing – yay!). I have emailed the organisers to see if there will be a chance to run the track there as well.


Last September at Spa 6 Hours we were running around the track on the perimeter road as the 6 Hours racing started and that was amazing, but it would definitely be topped by being allowed on the actual track. Would love to take on the boyfriend at Eau Rouge; I think it might be the only time I’d stand a chance against him on his favourite part of the track…

Until then I guess it will just have to be the pavements of West London for me….


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